BC Notaries Association 2019 Year-End Real Estate Report

More First-Time Buyers Getting Down Payment Help from Mom and Dad Affordability a Continuing Issue in Most Regions A December survey of 193 BC Notaries across the province found that most Notaries saw the same or decreased level of first-time buyers in 2019 despite a softened market, particularly during the beginning of the year. Notaries also indicated that first-time buyers who were making a home purchase were much more likely to lean on parents for [...]

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Do you have a Will?

Regardless of whether you have children or the extent of your assets, having a valid Will is the means for YOU to have a say in the matter. What would happen if you passed away without having a Will in place? In British Columbia, your assets would be distributed in accordance with the Wills, Estates and Succession Act which came into force on March 31, 2014. And this could be completely contrary to how you [...]


Notaries’ Role in Access to Justice in BC

On June 12, 2019, the BC Notary Foundation joined more than 50 other justice system organizations in signing onto the “Access to Justice Triple Aim.” In doing so, The Notary Foundation confirmed its commitment to being part of the solution to the access to justice problems in this province. What is the Triple Aim? It is one aspirational goal with three interrelated elements: Improving access to justice at a population level; Improving the experience of [...]


Housing Tips for Greater Victoria Seniors

With real estate prices and affordable housing a frequent topic of discussion throughout Greater Victoria and the province of British Columbia, here are some tips and resources to help BC’s seniors stay in their homes, find appropriate new housing or connect with available support. Eight Housing Tips for BC Seniors: Know the strata laws before you buy: Many active aging boomers are downsizing to free-up funds for retirement or travel, or to make life simpler [...]

Five Reasons Under 50’s Should Have a Will

We encourage anyone who doesn’t have a Will, to create one to ensure their final wishes are clear and carried out after their death. A survey conducted province-wide in 2014 by Mustel Group for The Society of Notaries Public of BC found that only 55% of British Columbian adults have a current and legal Will, and people under 54 are the least likely to have one. The March 2014 omnibus telephone poll[1] of 502 adults [...]

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