This document is in effect while you are alive and ceases to exist upon your death. It is a powerful document in that you are appointing a person whom you explicitly trust to deal with most matters of your concern with the exception of personal health care (this is covered under a Representation Agreement). It has very practical uses. For instance, you may call upon your attorney to handle a financial matter while you are traveling in another country.

Your spouse, a close friend, an adult child or other family member (or a combination thereof) can be appointed – so long as you trust they will make decisions that you may have made if able to. There were major changes in September, 2011 to the laws governing a Power of Attorney. You may wish to review your existing one and meet with us to have it updated.

Your attorney is responsible for his actions on your behalf and the Power of Attorney can be revoked at any time. After meeting with you to discuss the pros and cons of a Power of Attorney, we can prepare one for you